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"I used the knowledge of what I was trained to do in the US Marine Corps and translated what is applicable into practical information that will empower the player with what is required to develop the gameplay skills necessary to have the most immersive tactical gaming experience possible."


🇺🇸 US Marine Corps Veteran

Author, "The 3PS Battle Guide"

A Practical Guide For Tactical Gaming

The 3PS Battle Guide

There is no game without the player, and good games require good players. This is a guide for tactical simulation gamers that want to improve their gameplay skills in order to have the most immersive and exciting experiences. "The 3PS Battle Guide" teaches real-world combat tactics and strategies that have been translated and designed for tactical gaming by a US Marine Corps Veteran that has experience with everything in this guide and 20+ years of tactical gaming history, from the days of SOCOM to the present time with Ghost Recon Breakpoint®.

"The 3PS Battle Guide" is easy to read and follow while being straight to the point and leaving no stones unturned. Use it as a reference while you play until what you learn becomes natural. If you have been looking for a step-by-step guide to kicking ass in tactical simulation video games, this is it.

Designed For Immersive/MILSIM Players of

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Wildlands

Improve Your Gaming Skills.
Maximize Your Experience.

Learn Real World Tactics That Work In Simulation

Know how to properly "slice the pie", breach and clear rooms, engage targets in the open, combat movement, and more.

Learn How To Operate As A Cohesive Fire Team

Learn how to engage multiple targets, take down moving targets, multiple firing and aiming techniques.

Learn US Marine Corps Style Combat Formations

Learn how to optimally exploit various combat conditions and use the environment as a weapon against your enemy.

Learn How To Conduct Simulated Recon

Discover the best way to conduct recon in order to secure the success of your missions and attacks.

The 3PS Battle Guide

The Definitive Tactical Gaming Guide

"The 3PS Battle Guide"contains the best tactical simulation gameplay information available. By applying what you learn, you'll be able to make sense of the perceived combat chaos and learn game changing skills that will make you stand out while keeping you alive on the digital battlefield.

Shorten Learning Curve
Marine Corps Style Tactics
Gain A Competitive Edge
Win More Battles

Why This Guide Is Different

"When immersive players are playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint, they seek and kill.

They like to seek and kill the enemy.

The only branch of service that is trained to hunt or seek and kill the enemy in this way is the US Marine Corps.

Any training that is not US Marine Corps training is not the training required for having the true perspective of the various scenarios in the game that are being simulated.

Nobody does or has done seek-and-kill better than the US Marine Corps.

So, if any guide or manual is to be sufficient for conveying the information required for having an optimal immersive tactical gaming experience, that guide must translate US Marine Corps training into gameplay information.

This unique perspective is what The 3PS Battle Guide is and it is what sets it apart from any tactical gameplay manual that has preceded it, just as the US Marine Corps stands out above the world's other military forces."


🇺🇸 US Marine Corps Veteran

Author, "The 3PS Battle Guide"

The 3PS Battle Guide

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